Why Balsam Acres?


Growing Christmas trees for over 70 years. We started the business of tree farm in 1939. We grow our own seedlings in transplant beds and have a high quality strain of trees.

Individual Care.

Each tree is fertilized, sheared, and monitored throughout every year of its growth. Trees are hand pruned to ensure the perfect shape when cut!

Chemical Free.

Your customers can breathe easy. No dyes or chemicals are used on the trees. Trees grown in natural Balsam Fir Area in Northern New York. We fertilize, spray herbicides for weed control, and take our time shearing each tree. No pesticides are used. Special blend of fertilizer brings out full needles with a beautiful deep green and tint of blue. Our trees are dark green to slightly blue in color and have excellent needle retention.

Fresh Wholesale Trees.

We use the quickest process to provide fresh wholesale trees. We cut our trees in mid-November, just before delivery. This provides you with fresh trees with good needle retention that look great and will be loved by your customers.

Environmentally Responsible Farming.

Our farming allows for local wildlife to thrive, from frogs to morning doves to mink. The business is also supported by solar energy and environmentally friendly production, using low energy and reducing waste. We have only 125 acres in production on a 500 acre tree farm to create a sustainable environment for wildlife.